17 Reasons to Call Your Insurance Agent

We know that when the best (or worst) happens in life, we’re usually the last phone call you think to make. Your insurance, however, is affected by nearly every big thing and plenty of seemingly small things that happen in your life. When change happens, make sure to give your insurance agent a call as soon as you can. A simple phone call can be the difference between paying more or saving money.

Personal Reasons

A lot of things happen throughout your life. Give your insurance agent a call for any of these reasons.

  1. You move out but don’t sell your home. You may need a landlord policy if you’re renting, and you’ll need to let your auto insurance know your new address. If you’re not renting out your place and it will remain vacant, your insurance agent needs to know that, too.
  2. You decide to work from home. A basic business insurance policy may be in order to protect you and your new business.
  3. Always call when you get into a car accident.
  4. If you buy or receive new valuables such as jewelry, antiques, art, or collectibles, call to make sure you have enough coverage.
  5. Home remodels and renovations may change how much homeowner’s insurance you need.
  6. When you buy a new home, you’ll need a new homeowner’s insurance policy.
  7. After you get home with a new baby, give us a call and let’s discuss life insurance.
  8. Call before you get a new dog to make sure your current policy covers the breed.
  9. Whether you experience the loss of a death or divorce, call when your marital status changes. Your health, life, auto, and home insurance will all be affected.

Commercial Ventures

Whether you’re a current business owner or you’re considering opening up a new business, there are several reasons to call your insurance agent.

  1. You want to open a new business – in your home or at a separate location.
  2. You already own a business but the location is changing.
  3. When you open new locations for your business.
  4. When you want to change the products or services you provide to your customers.
  5. If you decide to change your operating procedures.
  6. If you change your legal classification, for example from sole proprietor to LLC, you need to let your insurance agent know.
  7. When you buy a new vehicle for your business or add to your existing fleet, you’ll add or change your commercial auto insurance coverage.
  8. Before you sign a contract or lease so we can tell you how it changes your existing insurance coverage.

Your insurance agent should be more than happy to take your call and explain what these changes, personal or commercial, mean for your insurance coverage. You may be surprised at how all of these changes impact your insurance.

Whether you need to report changes or you’re looking for a new policy, Click Insurance is happy to take your call, answer your questions, and make sure you have the right insurance coverage for your individual situation. Contact us today.