9 Surprising Things That Aren’t Covered By Your Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Policy

When you picked out your Massachusetts homeowners insurance policy, you figured it covered anything and everything related to you and your home. Most homeowners only find out the hard way when something isn’t covered – when the problem happens and insurance won’t pay.

Take a look at these things that you may have thought were covered by your home insurance policy but aren’t.

Flood Damage

If the flood came from a broken pipe, you’re probably covered, but if the river flooded, a dam broke, or the tide came in, your standard policy won’t cover you. Flood insurance is available for all homeowners, even those who don’t live in a known flood zone. All homeowners are encouraged to purchase coverage, because you never know when a river several miles away can cause problems on your property.


Most mold damage won’t be covered. It’s possible that if the mold was caused by a leaky faucet or burst pipe that you attempted to fix, you might be covered. But if you’re tearing down walls, moving furniture, or fixing your ceiling, and you find it, it likely won’t be. Mold is preventable in most cases, and if you haven’t maintained your home to keep mold at bay, your insurance policy won’t pay the claim.

Sewer Backups

What’s more disgusting to think about than mold? Try a backed up sewer. Your standard homeowners insurance policy won’t cover the damage from a clogged sewer or sump pump, but you may be able to purchase add-on coverage.

Pools, Trampolines, and Tree Houses

Backyard fun can be a real hazard. Your standard policy may not have enough coverage if you have to file a claim for an injury from a pool, trampoline, tree house or it may not be covered at all. If you have a pool, you’ll want to increase your liability coverage on your current policy and consider umbrella insurance. Most insurance companies won’t cover trampolines; the ones who do require spring pads and a net enclosure. And tree houses? They probably won’t be covered at all.


Like mold, the damage from termites can often be prevented so your insurance policy won’t cover you in this instance. The best “coverage” option is maintenance and prevention through a good pest control company.

Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Hurricanes, and Windstorms

Standard insurance won’t cover you if an earthquake, sinkhole, hurricane, or windstorm hits and damages your home. You may be able to buy separate coverage for each of these events and add it to your policy.

Collectibles, Jewelry, Art, and Other Expensive Items

Your policy may cover “luxury items” up to $1000 if lost, stolen, or damaged. If you have several pieces of jewelry, antiques, or any other collectible items, this won’t be enough. You can purchase additional coverage for your luxury items or collectable. You’ll have to decide if you want to bundle the coverage or create an itemized list.


This may sound strange, because you probably won’t think of it until it happens, but no, your food isn’t covered. Whether it’s a storm that hits and knocks out power or it was caused by damage from a thief, you won’t be able to claim spoiled food as a loss.

“High Risk” Dogs

If your dog attacks someone in your home, it may or may not be covered by your insurance. For breeds not listed as a “high risk” or aggressive breed, you’re probably fine. But if you have one of the dogs on your insurance company’s list, your claim could be denied.

Don’t wait until these problems occur to find out your insurance won’t pay the claim. Raise your limits, add on the coverage you need, or consider an umbrella policy for additional coverage. Contact us today, and let us help you find the right insurance protection for your needs.