Got an Empty Nest? Now What?

The kids are finally off at college. Part of you thought this day would never come, and part of you has dreaded it for the last 18 years. You’re still a parent but you’re not actively parenting in the same way anymore.

What are you supposed to do now? How does the empty nest change things?

The next phase of your life is beginning, just as it is for your children. Now is the time to focus on things that matter to you.

Life Changes

At this stage of your life, are you going to work for a few more years or are you ready to retire? Either way, health and life insurance are still necessary. Your children may stay on your health insurance until they’re 26, but if they’ve got their own plan, you can remove them and save some money. That life insurance policy is still a good idea because it can supplement your spouse’s income if you die first.

Changes to Your Home

Whether you’ve been dying to enclose the garage or turn your son’s bedroom into an office, you’re ready for the remodel. After you contact the contractor and get the estimate, contact your insurance agent. Any changes to your home could change your home insurance, especially in terms of the value of your home.

If you’re not going to remodel, but you’re ready to move to a beach cottage or simply downsize into something smaller, a new homeowner’s insurance policy is in order. Talk to your agent to find the right policy for your new home.

Your Car

When your daughter comes home and borrows your car, you may wonder if your auto insurance covers her in an accident. Rest easy, it does, as long as you gave her permission to drive it.

After you trade in the soccer mom minivan for the red sports coupe you’ve wanted for years, don’t neglect your auto insurance. You’re not driving the same vehicle or in the same way you did while your kids were at home. Your auto insurance needs to reflect this.

Now that the nest is empty, this is your time. Travel, try new hobbies, or simply enjoy the silence. Yes, you miss your kids, and you love it when they visit, but being an empty nester doesn’t have to be sad. Whether it’s sky-diving or rock-climbing, this is your chance to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Before you hop on a plane for Europe or take a pottery class, make sure your insurance is in order. Contact us at Click Insurance so we can make sure your insurance is one less thing to worry about while you’re out having fun and enjoying this new phase in your life.