Home Security Tips

You want to believe that you live in a safe neighborhood and that simply locking your front door is enough to keep you safe. Unfortunately, theft and vandalism can occur in even the nicest neighborhoods. From installing locks that work to security alarms, here are a few tips that you can use to increase security around your home.

Change the Locks

When you buy a new home, the first thing you should do is change all the locks. You have no way of knowing who might have a spare key from the previous owners. New locks give you peace of mind that no one can simply walk in your home uninvited and unannounced.

Make It Look Like Someone is Home

This is especially true when you travel, but even if you work long days, you want your home to look occupied. Automatic lights that come on and off are good for short trips and long work days. If you’re going to be gone for several days, stop your mail and paper delivery or ask a trusted neighbor or friend to collect it for you so it doesn’t pile up and prove no one is home.

Keep Your Keys Secure

You may be concerned about locking yourself out of your home or your children being unable to get in. No matter what you do, don’t leave a key under the doormat or in the mailbox. Thieves know people still do it and will check. You’ve just given them easy access to your home.

Use Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt is added security for your exterior doors. They’re stronger than spring latch locks which could be a deterrent for a thief looking for an easy mark.

Secure Your Sliding Glass Doors

Your sliding glass door comes with a lock, but that’s often not enough. Use a metal bar along the bottom track of the door. This makes it very difficult to open. Most thieves will avoid breaking the glass and attracting unwanted attention.

Lock Your Windows

Before you leave your home for any amount of time, make sure your windows are closed. The next step is to lock them. If possible, have them installed with hard to break glass or with very small panes. This will keep a burglar from using this as an entry point.

Install Outside Lights

Burglars love the dark. Install outside lights to keep the area around your home bright. Better yet, make them motion detecting lights so you’re warned when someone is moving around outside of your house.

Hide Your Valuables

The freezer or your sock drawer are not secure locations for your expensive jewelry or an emergency stash of money. It’s common so thieves know to check there first. Either install a safe in your home or consider a safety deposit box from your bank.

Get an Alarm System

Alarm systems have come a long way over the past several years. From video monitoring to the ability to communicate directly into your home, an alarm system can provide you with as much surveillance as you’d like. Many of them grant you access from your smartphone or tablet so you can monitor your home when you’re away. Make sure any wiring outside of your home is hidden so burglars can’t disable the system by cutting the wires.

Your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance covers you from theft and vandalism, but there are plenty of things you can do to discourage thieves from targeting you in the first place. After you secure your home, you may even be eligible for discounts. Contact us at Click Insurance, and we’ll let you know if your security measures will lower your insurance premiums.