Review Before You Renew

It happens every time. You pay your insurance premiums – a month at a time, quarterly, six months, or once a year – but the renewal sneaks up on you. You normally only think about your insurance for two reasons: because it’s time to pay the bill or you need to file a claim.

Are you stuck on autopilot when it comes to your insurance? Do you assume that the rates you’re paying are the best you can do and that every insurance provider offers the same coverage?

Or does the thought of trying to figure out your current policy and who’s got the best price stress you out? You probably don’t feel like you have time to get into the details and request quotes. It may seem easier to keep the same company and watch your premiums go up a little more each year.

There is a better way.

Review Before You Renew is a program we offer here at Click Insurance to help you find the best coverage at the best price. You don’t have to be a customer of ours to participate, and there’s no obligation to purchase a new policy or switch providers.

We’ll go over your existing policies, find out about your home, vehicles, and other parts of your life you may want to insure, and let you know what kind of coverage you currently have, including what’s covered and what isn’t. We can also tell you if there are any gaps in your coverage and let you know about additional insurance options you may want to consider.

Best of all, we’ll find out if you can get the same – or better – coverage at a better price. You may be able to save money and increase your coverage.

We are committed to helping you protect yourself, your family, your home, and your business. If we can give you peace of mind that the coverage you already have is perfect for you, we’re happy to do it. And if we can find better solutions for you and your family, we want to do that as well.

We’ll gladly review your homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, or any other coverage for free. We’ll answer your questions, explain your policy, and let you know if there are any opportunities to save you money or increase your coverage. Contact us today to get started!