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Sometimes just having insurance isn’t enough. Protecting and managing your business’s overall risk is why you should consider Performance, Surety and Fidelity Bonds. A crucial part of doing business for many companies, these bonds are also a serious step toward a strong risk management strategy for your company.

We offer a full range of products to provide the answers and flexibility your business needs to attain the proper type of protection or to comply with contractual or court mandated requirements.

A performance bond is also referred to as a contract bond. It is a surety bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a contractor. It can all seem complicated to people outside of the insurance industry, but that’s where we come in.

Commercial Surety Bonds

There are a variety of Commercial Surety Bonds to help ensure performance of a business’s obligation and compliance with given requirements. Commercial bonds are usually required by law or regulation, and include license and permit bonds, public official bonds, notary bonds, federal bonds and other miscellaneous bonds.

Some of the surety bond options we can offer for you include:

  • Probate and Judicial Bonds for fiduciaries and civil court proceedings
  • Public Official Bonds for tax collectors, town managers, treasurers & notaries
  • Non-Construction Performance Surety Bonds to help ensure fulfillment of contract obligations
  • License and Permit Bonds to help meet government-mandated requirements

Court Surety Bonds

Should you be ensnared in a court case, you may need to obtain a court surety bond. A Court Surety Bond guarantees that a person or entity will faithfully perform their legal duties and will be fiscally responsible for the benefit of another until the court case reaches its final outcome. Appeal bonds and probate bonds are common types of court surety bonds.

Fidelity Surety Bonds

This is a tough one, because it deals with dishonest employees. Even if you’re a careful business owner who believes your assets are secure, Fidelity Surety Bonds can protect you and your customers against employee theft and dishonesty.

We can help you safeguard your business assets from fraud and theft with our range of fidelity bonds. Some of our bonds can help you meet federal statutory compliance obligation for retirement plan assets. Other policies help cover losses resulting from employee theft, forgery, burglary, and computer and funds transfer fraud.

These products and policies can be as complicated as they are crucial to your business’s success and safety. We can help. Contact us today for a thorough review of the services we offer to protect your business for life.

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