Cannabis Insurance


If you grow, sell, or produce cannabis related products, the right coverage can save you from being burned.


Our Cannabis Insurance Program ensures targeted protection as the cannabis industry continues to accelerate, and expand across the country.

The flexible and responsive nature of our program means our clients receive a custom-made insurance and risk management package, specifically designed to maximize asset protection.


Product Liability InsuranceAnother layer of cannabis coverage. 

Even if a product is used incorrectly, your cannabis business could still be liable for damages? It sounds unfair, but it happens. Product Liability Insurance covers injuries and illnesses caused by sold marijuana and related products.

Commercial Property InsuranceIdeal for cannabis dispensaries, and their assets.

Depending on the terms of your policy, commercial property insurance may cover natural disasters, theft, accidents and more. Make sure you are protected in the event of a loss

General Liability InsuranceThe smart choice for cannabis business owners.

Make sure you protect your cannabis operation from claims, like; bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, false advertising claims, and common accidents.

Cargo InsurancePerfect for cannabis delivery vehicles.

Offering coverage on the freight hauled by a for-hire transporter, Cargo Insurance also covers your liability for cargo that is lost or damaged.

Crop InsuranceGreat for cannabis growers.

This type of insurance is used to cover any crop loss due to fire, lightning strike, or other unpreventable event.


Errors & Omissions

Employee Dishonesty

Surety Bonds

Worker’s Comp


Product Recall




Automobile Liability


Environmental Impairment


The national cannabis market is new, and cannabis insurance is an important part of your success in the industry. In order to have a state-compliant cannabis company, you need to have insurance. 

Not being insured leaves your cannabis business dangerously exposed to risk. Of course, like strains of marijuana, not all insurance policies pack the same premiums, and prices will vary. 

Insurance in the cannabis sector has to be adaptable, and at Click, we offer a range of customizable liability and property protections, specifically designed for the risks of the cannabis industry.

Our cannabis insurance consultants are up-to-date on cannabis insurance policies and will help you make the informed decisions to protect your business, and make sure your dispensary has all the coverage it needs.

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Auto Coverage

Let us do your Massachusetts auto insurance shopping for you to find the coverage that’s right for you.

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Whether you own a house, a condo or even if you rent, we can help protect your home!

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Business Insurance

Big business or small, we have coverage from premier insurers to protect your investments.

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Life Insurance

So many options! We’ll help you find the best protection plan for your family!

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Workers’ Comp

Let us help you minimize your risks and get the best coverage at the best price.

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Group Benefits

From full benefits for your staff or a custom plan for your executive team, we can help.

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Click Insurance, a Watertown, MA insurance agency, is more than an independent insurance agency.

We’re a single solution for insurance, risk management, and financial protection, serving Massachusetts residents form our headquarters in Watertown MA.

You can find us in the office, online, or with our Concierge Quote Service, at your home or business.

Our agency leadership has more than 60 years of experience in business and personal insurance and joined forces because we share a common philosophy.  Our philosophy: listen to what your clients want and give it to them!

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