Group Disability Insurance

Your Employees Deserve It

Click Insurance can help you protect your most valuable resource – your people.

Group Disability Insurance

As an employer, you need to provide a solid benefits package for the people who keep your business running. Your employees are your most valuable assets and resources. They are critical to your success no matter how high or low they are on the corporate ladder. We understand this importance and recognize that an employee’s absence due to disability can hurt workplace morale, the quality of service to your customers, and overall productivity.

Long-Term Disability

Accident or illness can keep an employee on the bench for an extended period of time. Not only does this short-staff your business, but the financial impact can be severe for the employee and for you. Long Term Disability insurance was created to help cover your employee’s expenses while their regular income is interrupted due to injury or illness. We offer flexible plan design options and benefit alternatives to meet your specific needs. What’s more, this valuable protection is available at affordable premiums.

Short-Term Disability

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, a steady income is essential. If an accident or illness interrupts that income, the employee’s family and security can be damaged. And your business can suffer. Short Term Disability insurance was created to replace a portion of the wages lost when a short-term disability occurs. We can prepare an affordable, flexible short-term insurance plan to provide the essential benefits to both you and your employee(s).

Here are some examples of our Massachusetts disability insurance plans:

  • We offer integrated plans that can include short- and long-term disability as well as leave administration
  • You can talk with us regarding a multi-tiered, tailored approach for integrating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance
  • We provide tools and resources to help your employees return to work quickly and safely.

A final, important consideration is the speed and safety at which your employees recover. We can provide them with direct access to claims professionals, multiple options for reporting disability benefits, online access to claims details 24 hours a day, and an employee assistance program to help employees with family, legal, and financial issues

To learn more about the valuable and affordable group disability products, contact us today. We’ll help you keep your employees where they should be – alongside you building your successful business.

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