5 Common Traffic Violations and How to Avoid Them

There are certain traffic violations that almost everyone is guilty of at some point. Eventually, we’re caught and pulled over for it. A ticket is a painful reminder to follow traffic laws. The pain doesn’t end once you pay the fine, either. Most of the time, your Massachusetts auto insurance will go up, too.

Avoid tickets, potential accidents, and higher insurance premiums by avoiding these traffic violations. Your fellow drivers (and your wallet) will thank you.


Where almost all guilty of it at some point but, needless to say, speeding is hazardous to both your wallet and your safety. Crashes are much worse when speeding is involved. Avoid the violation by watching for speed limit changes. Slow down in residential areas. Make sure to slow down in school zones. When the weather is bad, back off the speed then, too.

Running a Red Light

Running stop signs counts too. Yellow doesn’t mean speed up. It actually means slow down and prepare to stop. Sometimes, you don’t have a choice because of the flow of traffic or because the light just changed. Continuing through the light after it’s changed to red is a definite violation. Watch for light changes and stop signs and slow down.


No one likes to be tailgated. It’s dangerous, especially if you need to come to a sudden stop. And yes, it’s also a violation. Driving too close increases your chances of rear-ending another driver. Slow down or change lanes but don’t tailgate.

Swerving In and Out of Lanes

We’ve all seen them, the person in such a rush that they swerve in and out of traffic, only to end up at the same red light as the rest of us. Swerving like that is a traffic violation and is a major cause of accidents. The person switching lanes tends to cut other drivers off, causing them to slam on their brakes. Slow down, be patient, and realize changing lanes won’t actually get you there any faster.

Not Stopping for School Buses

When you’re behind a school bus, you’re required to stop while children are boarding or getting off. If you’re on the opposite side of the road, you’re supposed to stop, as well. Children can be hurt or killed by a driver who doesn’t pay attention and plows right through. Stay alert and stop when you see a school bus.

Most traffic violations can be avoided by slowing down, paying attention, and having patience. When you do that, lives are saved and tickets are avoided. You’ll also avoid the costly expense of increased auto insurance premiums.

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