Motorcycle Safety Tips

The weather is warming up and getting nicer every day. You’ve been ready to take your motorcycle out of the garage and get it on the open road for a while. Too many months stuck in a car, without the wind at your back and the open road in front of you have driven you stir-crazy. Now is a great time to ride your iron steed like a modern day cowboy (or girl!).

Before you jump on the bike for a long ride down a winding road, think about your safety. You are 30 times more likely to die in a crash on your motorcycle than you are in a car. Keep these motorcycle safety tips in mind when you’re on the road.

  1. Wear a helmet – it’s one of the best safety measures available. Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to die in a crash than riders with a helmet.
  2. Choose your clothing well. Shorts, flip-flops, and t-shirts may be comfortable in the summer months but you’ll regret the decision if you and the bike go down. Long pants – preferably jeans, boots, gloves, and a leather or reinforced jacket are the best protection against road rash and other injuries. And yes, this includes during the summer, too.
  3. Avoid riding in bad weather if you can help it. You have less control once the roads get wet. If you’re caught out in it, pull over until the storm passes. If it’s raining before you leave, find an alternative mode of travel or something else to do for the day.
  4. Ride defensively. You only have to be on your motorcycle for a ride or two before you realize that people in cars don’t see you. Watch out for other drivers and be cautious on the road. You’re not invincible, no matter what the roar of the engine tells you.
  5. Keep your bike well maintained. Make sure you get your tires, brakes, and chains checked periodically. A broken chain, faulty clutch, or busted tire could take you down in the middle of your ride.
  6. Watch out for sand and gravel in the road. If you hit a patch of debris in the road, go around when possible or simply slow down as you go through it. Sandy roads give you less traction and sliding is a real possibility.
  7. Give yourself space on the road. Motorcycles aren’t made for tailgating, especially when an abrupt stop could mean the difference between staying upright or flying through the air.
  8. Slow down. We’ve all seen the guy on the back of their bike zipping in and out of traffic, sometimes creating their own lane in between lanes of traffic. Don’t be that guy. It feels great to zoom down the road – until you’ve collided with a car or wrapped your bike and yourself around a pole.
  9. Avoid distractions when you can. Pay attention to the road and the other drivers around you. Unfortunately, you have to be more vigilant because so many other drivers aren’t paying attention. Getting distracted could delay you when you need to react fast to what’s going on ahead of you.
  10. Make sure you’re properly insured. We hope you never get into an accident, but a Massachusetts motorcycle insurance policy will cover your bike and your medical expenses if you are. Even if you’re not worried about a wreck, insurance can also cover you if someone steals your motorcycle.

Enjoy the warm weather, the open road, and the freedom on the back of two wheels. When you do, make sure you’re safe about it so you can keep enjoying your motorcycle rides for years to come.

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