Don’t Pokémon GO and Drive

Most of us are pretty convinced we can multi-task. We do it all the time. We check email, talk on the phone, and eat lunch from our desk at work. We schedule appointments while grocery shopping. And anyone with kids knows how to answer questions, cook dinner, and yell at someone to stop jumping on the furniture, all at the same time.

Multi-tasking has its uses, and we all do it, but there are certain times when you need to focus. Driving is one of them.

People across the country are getting into accidents and getting hurt because they aren’t paying attention to what they’re doing in hopes of catching a Pidgie or hatching an egg.

Don’t Hunt Pokémon and Drive

You know you’re not supposed to text and drive. When you’re distracted while you drive, the chance of an accident goes up. Don’t be like the 19 year old in Australia who crashed into a school because he hunted while driving. Put your phone down and wait or get someone else to drive if you want to play.

Watch Out for Pedestrians

Thanks to Pokémon GO more people are getting off the couch and out of the house. As a driver, this means there are more people walking, biking, or on skateboards. Keep your eyes open and yield the right of way to keep everyone safe. Don’t forget, some of them won’t be paying attention to their surroundings and might not see you coming.

Stay Safe When You’re Playing

You already know you shouldn’t drive and Pokémon. When you’re out walking around, don’t let your phone distract you so much that you walk into traffic. If you’re going to hunt at night, wear bright colored clothes so you’re more visible. Before you cross a busy intersection, make sure you’re clear to cross and wait until you cross before you start playing again. A Florida teen was hit by a car when she tried to cross the street to catch a few Pokémon.

Play it safe with yourself, your vehicle, and everyone else out on the road with you. Don’t Pokémon GO and drive.