10 Most Expensive Cars to Insure

Insure.com completed its annual study of the most expensive cars to insure. The results may not be all that surprising: the cars that are the most expensive, fastest, or likeliest to be stolen are more expensive to insure.

Take a look at the final results for yourself. The average annual insurance premium rate is included.

  • Porsche 911 Carerra GT3 RS – $3,212
  • Audi RS7 Quattro Prestige – $3,229
  • Land Rover Range Rover – $3,245
  • BMW M6 Gran Coupe – $3,309
  • Nissan GT-R Nismo – $3,476
  • Porsche Panamera S Executive – $3,484
  • Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG – $3,513
  • Mercedes-Benz S600 – $3,539
  • Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG – $3,797
  • Dodge Viper – $4,048

The Dodge Viper may come as a shock, but according to AutoBlog.com, it’s the V10 engine that hikes up the insurance costs. The person who buys the Viper isn’t looking for a quiet Sunday drive. They want to feel the power and experience what the car is capable of on the road.

10 Least Expensive Vehicles to Insure

Maybe the previous list knocks a few contenders off your wish list for your next vehicle purchase. Don’t worry, Insure.com also compiled a list of the least expensive vehicles to insure. You may be surprised at how much versatility and driving power makes the list. The average annual premium is listed, as well.

  • Nissan Frontier King Cab Pickup – $1,204
  • Jeep Cherokee Sport Utility – $1,203
  • Buick Encore Sport Tour – $1,200
  • Ford Escape S – $1,194
  • Jeep Compass Sport – $1,190
  • Jeep Wrangler Sport – $1,181
  • Jeep Patriot Sport – $1,180
  • Dodge Grand Caravan – $1,174
  • Honda CR-V – $1,170
  • Honda Odyssey – $1,113

The price difference between number 10 on the list and number 1 is less than $100 a year, which means if you have more than one of these on your wishlist, you’ll still be paying excellent rates on your insurance, no matter which one you choose.

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